diˈs·ci·ple·ship: Helping others to learn to love & live like Jesus


Discipleship Process

The call of Jesus is to follow Him through learning to love & live like Jesus through purposeful relationships, otherwise known as discipleship. Through discipleship each of us learns, grows, and challenges each other to love & live more like Jesus. 

Check out this video to learn more about you can be equipped within Redeemer to both be discipled & to begin to disciple others.

Our Values | The 7 D's


We are believers who continually discover God's Greatness, Power, Holiness, and Glory in all of life. 

Isaiah 6:3



We are believers who continually live confessing temptations and sin to one another, dying to self, that we may truly live.

Romans 8:11


We are believers who continually delight in who God is and who He has made us through his son - unconditionally and irrevocably adoption - Accepted, secured, purposed, valued, and significant (new identity).

1 John 3:1



We are believers who continually gather to learn and remind each other of the gospel and scatter to help other believers and pre-believers find the freedom that is found in God.

Psalm 96:3


We are believers who continually meet to discuss our thoughts, our decisions, and the rhythms of our lives to maintain the freedom that comes from knowing and living in the reality of the gospel.

Hebrews 10:24-25

Community Groups.jpeg


We are believers who continually teach one another to read the word, pray, live in community, live in holiness, and live on mission.

Mattew 28:19


We are believers who continually plant more gospel centered churches while encouraging other to do the same.

Acts 2:42-47

Acts 29 West 2018-Acts 29 West 2018-0233.jpg


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Social Media

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